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„Social cohesion: Addressing social divide in Europe and Asia”

26 stycznia 2015

The publication was issued in the framework of the „EU-Asia Dialogue” Programme, carried out jointly by the European Commission and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung with the aim to promote communication and the exchange of experiences between political decision-makers, researchers and representatives of NGOs from Europe and Asia. The publication, which follows a 2013 Brussels conference „Social cohesion in Europe and Asia – prospects and challenges”, addresses key issues concerning social cohesion on both continents. European and Asian subject matter experts examine the underlying factors affecting the degree of social cohesion and civic engagement in a number of countries, including the impact of globalisation, increasing multi-culturalism, income inequality, social polarisation etc. The papers consider a number of policy initiatives implemented in various countries, for example in the United Kingdom, Germany, China and Malaysia.

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