Binational Doctoral Programme “The New Europe”

CEED Initiative, którego CSM jest członkiem, poleca stypendium Binational Doctoral Programme “The New Europe”.

The Graduate Centre Humanities and Social Sciences of the Research Academy Leipzig invites applications from doctoral researchers in the structured PhD programme “The New Europe” at the University of Leipzig. The post-graduate programme focuses on the transnational entanglements of
Eastern European history since the late 19th century and is directed towards candidates whose research focuses on cultural transfer processes in regional and supra-regional relations of Eastern and East-Central Europe, its potential for modernisation processes in terms of society and nation building, as well
as the dynamic interrelation of national identity formations and transnational entanglements. In addition to the focus on Eastern and East-Central Europe, the programme relates to transitional areas of neighbouring regions such as Northeast Europe, West-Central Europe, the Black Sea region, and the Adriatic region. The programme proceeds from the assumption that spatial dimensions exist within processes of economic transformation and cultural identification as well as are present within social groupings and political structures.