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Africa, Belgium, Poland – Cooperation for Development

13 czerwca 2014
Naszym zdaniem

The ‘Africa, Belgium, Poland – Cooperation for Development’ conference was held on June 5th, 2014 in Brussels. The seminar was organized within the activation of economic cooperation with the African continent and regarded opportunities of cooperation on the African market, the most important challenges that both Polish and Belgian economies need to face regarding expansion to third markets, especially African ones.

The seminar was a continuation of cyclical meetings with EU member states involved in Africa, organized by the Department of Economic Cooperation (Ministry of Foreign Affairs). They are aiming to establish and develop business relations between key entrepreneurs and potential subcontractors, interested in cooperation on several levels. The first of those events took place in Lisbon, on December 9, 2013. Approximately 15-20 Polish companies and organizations participated in the project.

After the seminary, two meetings with representatives of European Commission and other European organizations, concerning the participation of Polish companies in international (EU’s) bargaining proceedings, were organized. A member of Management Board and the Executive Director of Centre for International Relations – Michał Smagowicz – participated in the seminar.