„The Islamic State and the Caliphate. Europe in danger” – CIR’s comment

Last week’s Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro station blasts in Brussels once more demonstrated how insecure Europe is today. 35 people died, over 300 were injured. Luckily, one of the bombs did not explode, otherwise the balance would have been much worse. The Islamic State (called ISIS or IS) took responsibility for these suicide attacks performed by two brothers el-Bakraoui, around 30 years old, both Muslims – writes Iranian scholar Mahan Charmshir (University of Warsaw) in CIR’s comment „The Islamic State and the Caliphate. Europe in danger”.

ISIS is much more than a terrorist group. It has its leaders, structure, financial resources, deep ideological background and an idea of the Caliphate, attractive for a large number of frustrated Muslims from all around the world who join ISIS’s ranks every day – adds Charmshir.

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