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„Social economy can help Europe fly again” – conference by CIR, THINKTANK and their partners in Brussels

25 marca 2015

Young people are not a problem, but the solution for us. The system should be for the people, not the people for the system. If it doesn’t work, change it, create a counter culture – said a Noble Laureate, professor Muhammad Yunus, at the conference on the future of capitalism and social economy in Europe. The event was organized in Brussels by CIR, THINKTANK centre, UN Global Compact and Yunus Chair in Poland in cooperation with Confederation Lewiatan and European Parliament (office with MEP Michal Boni).

Ignore everything what exist and have trust in people’s potential. Every human being has skills and can be entrepreneurial, it is the system and regulations which stop them for being so – said Yunus.

There are two reasons which can move us to start shifting the paradigms we live in. First is experience of economic crises, second is a redefinition of capitalism. Digital revolution can be a game changer here because it gives many new possibilities and opportunities for the people. It creates the society which is much more democratic. Digital revolution influences everything: our public and private life. And encourages us to be entrepreneurial. If we combine the two spirits – entrepreneurial and digital – we can change a lot
– said Michal Boni, member of European Parliament, former Minister of Digitalisation of Poland and Chief of Advisors of PM Donald Tusk.

Sharing seems to be a crucial word in the discussion about business and social. If the big business shares what it produces or owns for free with the SME, they can grow faster – said dr Malgorzata Bonikowska, President of Centre for International Relations.

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