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„Poland 2015 – Country Report” by European Comission: expert discussion in the EC Representation in Warsaw

2 marca 2015

Country Report was published on 26 February. It assesses Poland’s economy against the background of the Commission’s Annual Growth Survey which recommends three main pillars for the EU’s economic and social policy in 2015: investment, structural reforms, and fiscal responsibility. In line with the Investment Plan for Europe (so called „Juncker’s plan”), it also explores ways to maximize the impact of public resources and unlock private investment.

The main findings of the reports are the following:

1. Public finances have been gradually improving but structural challenges remain, especially in relation to the efficiency of public spending and tax compliance.
2. Although employment has risen consistently since 2007, the Polish labour market suffers from several structural weaknesses.
3. Poland’s good economic performance in the past 25 years relied strongly on competitive labour costs, and the country still faces the challenge of boosting its innovative capacity, to move up the value-added chain.
4. Despite sizeable investment, bottlenecks and deficiencies in transport, energy and information and communications networks continue to weigh on Poland’s growth potential.
5. The business environment remains burdensome and complex in a number of areas, such as paying taxes or dealing with construction permits.

Full report:
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The reports on the other EU member states are available HERE.