Panel discussion during the „Doing business in India – Doing business in Poland” seminar

Andrzej Turkowski, analyst at the Centre for International Relations, took part in a panel discussion during the informative training seminar „Doing Business in India – Doing Business in Poland”. The conference was held in the context of the visit of a delegation of Indian businessmen and representatives of regional authorities from the state of Gujarat. The participants of the meeting discussed the development prospects of economic contacts between Poland and India. Much attention was also paid to the issue of Polish-Indian cooperation at a regional level.

Katarzyna Kacperczyk, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, who participated in the seminar, declared that Poland aims to raise the level of bilateral relations to the level of strategic partnership. In this context, the Deputy Head stressed the crucial role that the intensification of regional cooperation plays. Entrepreneurs from both countries also had an opportunity to hold B2B meetings. The seminar took place on September 5th at the headquarters of the National Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw.