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About European Union’s Energy Policy

17 stycznia 2014
Naszym zdaniem

Energy is an important and strategic sector of economy, therefore it is crucial to include a wide spectrum of socio-economic, geo-political and financial conditions of all the EU member states while establishing the long-run directions of its development – said Deputy Prime Minister of Poland and the Minister of Economy – Janusz Piechociński, during the Polish-German Energy Forum, which was held on January 17, 2014 in Berlin, Germany.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that the aspiration to accomplish ambitious climate goals, cannot upset the competitiveness of economy and safety of energy supply. We should remember that optimal, safe and balanced utilisation of one’s own energy resources and ensuring necessary infrastructure are crucial for energy safety of European Union and its member states – he explained. The deputy prime minister claims that in the process of implementation of the climate-energy policy, a fair division of responsibilities between member states is essential. – Unless we want countries to eradicate their industries, especially the power-consuming ones, and have all of their consumption needs met using import outside the EU, we need to take into account, for instance, level of carbon-dioxide’s emission – he emphasized.

In his opinion, it is very important to seek positive solutions, which can be mutually accepted by everybody. Furthermore, cooperation between states and clear communication of their national energy policies are necessary, if you consider, for example, Energiewende and the influence of this policy on the proper functioning of the European and Polish energy market – he stressed. He pointed out that Poland was observing the development of the German energy policy’s transformation with a great interest. Moreover, the head of the resort of economy addressed the issue of the energy mix. – Member states have an ensured-by-treaty autonomy of its creation. However, policies settled on the EU level, cause a loss of that independence. Progressively, it affects the situation of this sector – he said. According to the commonly adopted energy strategy, there will be place for different technologies and a more than hitherto differentiated energy mix in the upcoming energy balance sheet. Nevertheless, carbon will remain the basis of our energy system – he explained. The Deputy Prime Minister Piechociński expressed Poland’s readiness to develop scientific and exploratory cooperation in the field of energy innovations and new technologies, both bilateral and within the EU projects.

The source: http://www.mg.gov.pl/node/19920