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Janusz Reiter at the 8th European Economic Congress

19 maja 2016

The European Union has got a dillema whether to develop as a whole community or internationally – relying on decisions made by particular governments. It is important to not loose “the big picture” – the broader perspective. The European Union is providing us with the balance of power on the continent. In addition it provides the western world with political cohesion. Strong European Union is also in the interest of the United States. – said Janusz Reiter,  the Chairman of Centre for International Relations foundation board, in his speech on the future of the European Union during the 8th European Economic Congress in Katowice Spodek Arena.

European Economic Congress is one of the most important economic events in Central Europe. This year’s event was held under the slogan of new ways of perceiving the future of the EU. Debates and speeches during the event were divided into four main subject areas – sustainable development, economic security, digitalisation and youth entrepreneurship.
Ms. Małgorzata Bonikowska, the President of CIR, took part in two debates during the congress. She spoke on how to counteract the problem of aging population and how to strengthen the cross-generational cooperation.

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