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Security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

30 czerwca 2021
Asia-Europe Online Bridge

The Indo-Pacific is perceived as one of the most important terrains of rivalry in the emerging new world order. USA and China have been competing for the economic, political and technological domination, dealing with the countries of the region at different levels.

• How do the Western powers (G7 countries) see the current situation in Indo-Pacific?
• What is Japan’s perspective (the only Asian country in G7) on the security cooperation in the region?
• What can the EU do in the region? What would be the expectations of Japan?

“EUROPE ASIA ONLINE BRIDGE” – Security cooperation in the Indo-Pacific..

Key speaker: Masashi Murano, Japan Chair Fellow, Hudson Institute
Commentator: Prof. Jakub Zajączkowski, Head of regional and global studies Chair, Warsaw University
Moderator: Małgorzata Bonikowska, PhD, President, Centre for International Relations
Welcome note: H.E. Miyajima Akio, Ambassador of Japan, Embassy of Japan to Poland