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“Hungary is constantly trying to balance between Russia and the European Union. And Ukraine is a hostage of Orbán’s domestic and foreign policy,” says Lukasz Polinceusz, a CIR expert, in an interview for TOKFM [13.04.2023]

13 April 2023
In the media

When asked for his opinion on Hungary’s current international policy, Lukasz Polinceusz said that it is difficult to clearly identify Viktor Orbán’s goals.

On the one hand, the head of Hungarian diplomacy meets with ministers from Russia and Belarus. On the other hand, Orbán is trying to maintain Hungary’s status as an equal member of the European Union and hopes to receive EU funds, which have been suspended due to problems with the rule of law.

Łukasz Polinceusz also noted that many of Orbán’s voters and high-ranking members of the ruling party appreciate maintaining good relations with Russia. Therefore, according to the expert, no significant changes in Hungarian foreign policy should be expected in the near future.

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