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“If the sanctions imposed on Russia in 2014 had been introduced after the annexation of Crimea, there would have been no war in Ukraine now,” says Dr Bartłomiej Nowak, an expert from CIR, in an online channel FMC27NEWS [12.04.2023]

12 April 2023
In the media

In a special online broadcast devoted to the role of sanctions in international politics, Dr. Nowak explained that the current geopolitical situation shows the dual nature of globalization. Prior to the 2008 crisis, interdependence and globalization were seen as positive phenomena that benefited everyone in the world. However, crises, pandemics, and wars have made us question the economy based on global interdependence and rethink the meaning of local independence. The sanctions imposed on Russia since February 2022 may have no direct impact on the Kremlin’s decisions, but in the long term, Russia will pay a huge economic price for invading Ukraine. Dr. Nowak notes, however, that it is worth considering that the West may have overestimated its ability to deter Russia economically, and Russia itself was well-prepared for the sanctions, so the effects of the sanctions policy may take longer than expected.