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NGO Community: Building International Bridges

Project aims to enhance the capacity of V4 and Ukrainian NGO’s by improving their skills in organization management and crowdfunding as well as upgrading their skills in cooperation and networking at the local, national, and international levels. In the framework of the project, on-line skill-building program for NGOs with migration or refugee background will be developed, two online interactive open sessions for NGO will be carried out, and a cooperation platform will be created to facilitate future cooperation of NGOs by supporting the search for partners, projects, and experts. Finally, a study trip to Warsaw will be organized in the form of a 3-day workshop “Inspire&Enhance for the Future” to strengthen the participants’ competences in project writing, fundraising, and crisis management.

Implementation period: 16/10/2023–31/01/2025

The project is co-financed by International Visegrad Fund