Current projects

CSM LIVE TALKS: Zoom the World

Current projects
Centre for International Relations and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Polen invite you to a series of talks – ZOOM THE WORLD. Once a week we talk to special guests: diplomats, entrepreneurs, experts on the situation in Poland and in the world.             (more…)

CSM’s new project “Start2Think”

Current projects
The Center for International Relations has won a European Commission grant in the “Media Literacy for All” competition to implement the project “Start2Think”, which aims to promote critical thinking skills, increase internet users’ awareness of contemporary narratives and disinformation techniques, and raise awareness of the most common manipulative narratives. (more…)

People2People (E-lexicon of Polish Jews)

Current projects
An internet publication with the stories of Poles of Jewish origin and of Jews with Polish roots. It presents people involved, those who care. They are aware of their identity, trying to change the world and other people’s lives. They often do so on a microscale, acting locally in their…

Film project “From Dusk to Dawn”

Current projects
The goal of the project is to raise Europeans awareness, especially young people, about the long and fierce struggle of the Eastern and Central European nations against totalitarian communist regimes, which ultimately led to transform these countries into liberal democracies based on common Western European values such as freedom, tolerance,…

Innovation in Politics

Current projects
The programme was created in cooperation with the Innovation in Politics Institute Vienna. The institute began its activities in 2016. Its mission is to improve European politics by recognising and supporting politicians in Europe who have the courage to explore new areas, are creative and get results – regardless of…

India EU Council

Current projects
This project is implemented as a continuation of India EU Council Association’s activities, which was merged with Centre for International Relations at the end of 2013. The aim of the project is to improve the awareness about Indian subcontinent in Poland and other Middle and Eastern European countries. The project…

Cooperation with the European Forum for New Ideas

Current projects
The Centre for International Relations is among EFNI’s knowledge partners. The Forum is organised every year by the Lewiatan Confederation in Sopot at the end of September. Dr Małgorzata Bonikowska, President of the CIR, is a member of the EFNI Programme Council, ensuring the high level of the Forum. The…
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