Dr Małgorzata Bonikowska in the interview with the EU – Russia Civil Society Forum

I don’t see any interest from the Polish side or from the European Commission to deteriorate relations between a member state and the EU. I believe both parties are interested in finding a better way of communication and handling all the matters, which are not well presented or explained in the mutual context. If both parties want to cooperate well, they will easily resolve the problem. And there will be no need for more debates on Poland at the European Parliament – said dr Małgorzata Bonikowska, CIR’s President, in the interview with the EU – Russia Civil Society Forum.

On the policy level, I think that the right approach to the European migrant crisis would be that all the EU member states would acknowledge it as a common problem and not that of one or two countries only. However, we shouldn’t suggest or push for some solutions but we have to agree on solutions acceptable by everybody – added dr Bonikowska.

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