dr Bartłomiej Nowak on Polish foreign policy in TOK FM radio

The dispute concerns Radosław Sikorski’s legacy and isn’t really between the PiS and PO parties. There are many, especially on the left side of the political spectrum, who argue that the Eastern Partnership was a mistake from the beginning, it turned out to be a failure and de facto led to the war. I would like to recall that when it was created, none of today’s critics raised objections. Besides, the EP was a direct response to Sarkozy’s Mediterranean Union. Without the EP, not a soul in the EU would sacrifice time to the East. 

Thirdly, the assertion that the war in the east is a result of the EP, is a complete overestimation of the real-life impact of the Eastern Partnership. Finally, the thesis that we wrongly strived for Ukraine more than Ukrainians themselves, also requires discussion. For Poland fought for the fundamental principle of international politics, on which we built our entire foreign relations after 1989 – that states have the right to choose their fate and their allies. Russia claims otherwise.

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