Dr Bartłomiej Nowak co-author of publication

Dr Bartlomiej Nowak, expert at the Centre for International Relations, is an co-author of the “Liberal Order in a Post-Western World” publication issued by the Washington Transatlantic Academy. It is an original contribution to the debate on the future of international politics during a time when the West’s position is weakening, and the new emerging powers do not show a willingness to take more responsibility for the shape of global solutions. The authors of the publication, next to dr Bartlomiej Nowak, are: Trine Flockhart, Charles Kupchan, Christina Lin, Patrick Quirk and Lanxin Xiang. 

The publication is available in English here: 

[PLIK] T. Flockhart, Ch. Kupchan, Ch. Lin, B. Nowak, P. Quirk, L. Xiang: “Liberal order in a post-western world”, IX 2014 [ENG]

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