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Democracy vs. authoritarianism. Is coexistence possible?

1 czerwca 2021
Zoom the world

Centre for International Relations and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Polen invite you to the next meeting of our series – ZOOM THE WORLD, conversations with exceptional guests: diplomats, entrepreneurs and experts about the situation in Poland and in the world.

Our guests were:

? Dr. Magdalena El GhamariHead of the Cultural Security Research Laborator, expert in terrorism, cultural security, and military operations in a different cultural environment;
? Witold Jurasz, Onet journalist, president of the Center for Strategic Analysis, former First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Moscow, former charge d’affaires of the Republic of Poland in Belarus.

With our guests we talk about:
– What can be done when an authoritarian state acts revisionistically?
– how do authoritarian leaders think?
– should democrats do business with dictators? What we can achieve by sanctions?

The conversation was moderated by dr. Małgorzata Bonikowska, the CIR president.