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Debate: “1917-2017+. From revolution to revolution: the overall outcome of the century and forecasts for the future”

24 listopada 2017

The October Revolution in Russia was a harbinger of a new era. The changes which followed afterwards, altered the old world completely. Turkey and the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed, Germany changed its political system, new countries appeared, Poland regained independence. After 100 years, an uneasy feeling has been bothering us that another epoch is coming to an end. What will the XXI century look like and what configuration of power will it bring?

These considerations were the main subject of the discussion with the participation of students, experts, representatives of academic circles, public administration and diplomacy. The debate was moderated by dr Małgorzata Bonikowska, CIR’s president. The November event was organised in the framework of a broader project “European Horizons of 1917 – its significance and lessons learned” implemented by think tanks and NGOs from Montenegro (Centre for Democratic Transition, the leader); Belgium (European Projects Association); Croatia (FALIŠ), Hungary (Central European Heritage), Italy (Opera Nomadi), Serbia (HMM…) and Poland (Centre for International Relations). The project was co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.


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