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Conference: “A new plan for Europe – what will bring the 2018?” with the participation of the CIR

23 stycznia 2018

Dismissal of the UE constitution in referendums in France and in the Netherlands, following the crisis in Eurozone and migration wave: these are three main factors which have deepened Europeans’ distance to the European Union. So we cannot go back to the rhetoric from the beginning of the century and hope that people will still support it. Populist politicians are waiting to replace euro-enthusiasm with calls for subsequent exits – said Małgorzata Bonikowska Ph. D. (President of the CIR) during the academic conference: “A new plan for Europe- what will bring the year 2018?” organized by Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations KUL, together with Foundation of Konrad Adenauer and Association of Science and Culture “Libra”.

On the meeting there were also: Dr.hab Arkadiusz Stempin (Ks. Józef Tischner European College in Cracow), and Dr. Jolanta Szymańska (Polish Institute of International Affairs). Experts discussed on: the future of Poland in the European Union, visions of the European Union’s relations with the USA and China, and on Putin’s Russia and Eastern Europe’s relations with the West.

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