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Celebration of Chinese New Year with the participation of the CIR

22 lutego 2018

The Embassy of Chinese People’s Republic to Warsaw on 22th February organized the official ceremony on Celebration of Chinese New Year. Małgorzata Bonikowska Ph. D., director of the CIR participated in this event. This year’s celebration of Chinese New Year began on 15th February and lasted seven days. That is why banks, offices and shops were closed at that time. Despite the fact that Chinese calendar which was launched on 2nd century BC, was replaced by the Gregorian Calendar in 1912 – Chinese New Year is still one of the most important feasts for residents of “Middle Kingdom”. Each of the twelve animals belonging to the zodiac’s signs symbolizes are given a year, which is also influenced by one of the five Chinese elements. This New Year for Chinese people will be the year of Yang Earth Dog!

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