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„Africa even closely” – dr Małgorzata Bonikowska w specjalnym wydaniu Polish Market [19.07.2016]

19 lipca 2016
CSM w mediach

Africa is one of the most dynamically developing continent in the present-day world. Among 13 rapidly developing economies in 2015, six of them were from Africa, particularly Ethiopia, Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Tanzania and Rwanda. According to the World Bank, Africa might be now entering a path of rapid growth similar to that of China 30 years ago and India 20 years later. Africa’s economic forecasts for the next decades are clear – the continent GDP might grow by 7% annually. – pisze dr Małgorzata Bonikowska, Prezes Centrum Stosunków Międzynarodowych, w tekście Africa Even Closely opublikowanym w specjalnym wydaniu Polish Market.

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