20th anniversary of CIR and 7th anniversary of THINKTANK

„The statements about the fall of the West are premature. Pax Americana will not be replaced by any alternative world order in years to come, because so far, there is no country that could take the place of the USA” – said prof. Salvatore Babones from the University of Sydney. His lecture was the core part of the debate “World 2050: The Rest and the West” organised on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Centre for International relations and 7th anniversary of THINKTANK – Centre for Dialogue and Analysis, in the frame of the discussion series “World: Inspirations”.


“World Inspirations” is a project which aims to improve Polish executives’ knowledge about foreign markets, with special consideration for Africa, Asia and South America. Within this project, THINKTANK and CIR’s experts participate in economic missions, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and the Chancellery of the President. The Centres also prepare publications dedicated to selected non-European countries (dossiers, analyses, expeditions, comments, policy papers) and conduct a ‘NETWORK OF IDEAS’ with all those information available to managers and leaders of Polish companies and institutions.

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