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“Ukraine’s war or the West’s war? The West has united in support provided for fighting Ukraine, but this unity is fragile and full of tensions” – Eugeniusz Smolar for Gazeta Wyborcza [03.02.2023]

3 February 2023
In the media

Eugeniusz Smolar writes about the differences in the attitudes of the West toward the current situation in Ukraine. The two main differences are the scale of the necessary involvement in military aid and the possible prospects for ending the war.

Ukraine has advanced in the strategic thinking of the West, but its unity is uncertain and depends on cooperation between the EU, NATO and individual member states. At the same time, the vast majority of Polish public opinion and political elites would like to live in a world without Russia as a superpower, but in the US – an essential country for achieving this goal – support for Ukraine is slowly decreasing, especially among the Republicans. Poland’s importance in international politics has significantly increased, but it is unfortunately weakened by the conflicts between the Polish government and EU institutions and most of the member states – claims Eugeniusz Smolar, an analyst and Board Memberof the Centre for International Relations.

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