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“The EU recovery plan is largely unrelated to the ongoing political dynamics in Poland,” stated Dr. Małgorzata Bonikowska during her appearance on the Reset Obywatelski channel [05.02.2023]

5 February 2023
In the media

When questioned about the current progress of the National Recovery Plan (NRP), Dr. Bonikowska highlighted the widespread confusion resulting from the political turmoil surrounding this initiative. The NRP, which is part of the “Next Generation EU” fund, goes beyond simply rebuilding the European Union after the pandemic. It aims to modernize the EU to meet the standards of the twenty-first century, encompassing not only present concerns but also future innovations in four major areas: environment, technology, health, and the economy.

The political disputes in Poland are affecting the legislative process necessary for the implementation of the recovery plan. While Prime Minister Morawiecki can make commitments in Brussels, he has limited influence over the voting outcomes in the Polish parliament. The inconsistent voting strategies may be a tactical move by PiS for electoral purposes, either to commence the first disbursement during the election campaign or to approve legal measures pertaining to the “milestones” shortly before the elections.

When asked to provide insight into Poland’s role in Europe amidst deteriorating Hungarian-European relations, Dr. Bonikowska drew attention to Hungary’s diminishing potential and the growing significance of Poland on NATO’s eastern flank. This situation presents an opportunity for Poland to become a key player in European politics, but achieving this would necessitate a substantial improvement in relations between Warsaw and Brussels.