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Trends and future of China: Japanese and European responses

29 March 2022

How is Japan’s foreign policy and its relationship with Europe changing as a consequence of the war in Ukraine?
What is China’s vision of the world and its foreign policy in the Xi Jinping era?
What are prospects for a Russo-Chinese alliance? What actions have been taken by the Joe Biden administration in the face of deteriorating relations between Russia and the US, EU?
How Japan and Europe should deal with China?

We will try to answer these and other questions during the webinar “Trends and future of China: Japanese and European responses”, co-organized by the Centre for International Relations and the Embassy of Japan in Poland.

Our guest is:

➡️ Kawashima Shin, PHD, Professor, University of Tokio

Welcome note:
➡️ H.E. Miyajima Akio, Ambassador of Japan, Embassy of Japan to Poland

➡️ Prof. Jakub Zajączkowski, Head of regional and global studies Chair, Warsaw University

Moderator: Małgorzata Bonikowska, PHD, President, Centre for International Relations