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All the EU and also NATO member states condemned Russian invasion on Ukraine as an attack, there are, however, differences. Within the Three Sea initiative Poland, Romania, Baltic states and on the other hand Hungary look at the war in Ukraine with different eyes – said Małgorzata Bonikowska, President of the Centre for International Relations on the World News – TVP World [31.03.2022]

31 March 2022
In the media

The Three Sea Initiative is a huge conglomerate of countries. It is not a coherent region – it has 100 million people and economic, political situation of these countries is different. So those countries may look at the war in Ukraine with slightly different eyes. Poland and Romania are key NATO allies in the region so we are on the first front line and we are interested in having more NATO troops. We need more military effort to protect the borders. However, Hungary – its current government, its Prime Minister stressed that they want to keep good relations with Russia despite the problem in Ukraine because they are very dependent on Russia from the economic point of view and energy. Baltic states meanwhile are very much afraid of Russia. In the future they could be easily attacked. So they are very interested in catching up with the West and taking the attention of the Americans and the allies on their situation which is a tricky one – said Małgorzata Bonikowska on the World News – TVP World.

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