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“The Russian President’s political branch of the administration has prepared a handbook for state and pro-government media, which describes how journalists should summarize the year 2022. This shows what a propaganda war, which is not fought on the front line, looks like” – Eugeniusz Smolar on Radio TOK FM [01.01.2023]

1 January 2023
In the media

I perceive it as proof of weakness. The handbook recommends to emphasize that Vladimir Putin, sending troops, made the only right decision to pre-empt the impending attack by Ukraine and NATO. Of course, Russia should continue to emphasize that the special operation is successful, said Eugeniusz Smolar, the CIR expert.

The Russian ability to carry out an effective attack has sharply decreased, which gives opportunities to the Ukrainians, who are constantly strengthened by the supply of modern types of Western weapons and the training of thousands of soldiers and officers in other countries.

Putin’s new decree talks about increasing the size of the Russian army. It is worth remembering that today it is not the masses of people who play the decisive role. If the Ukrainians have cruise missiles that, with satellite support, can accurately hit logistics and military bases behind the front, then these masses of troops are not able to do much in a coordinated manner. Moreover, the Russians lack the motivation that the Ukrainians have because they defend their own country. What is more, they enjoy huge support from the local population, which has become a very important element of the country’s defense – he added.

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