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“Despite the fact that Russia is aggressively trying everything to force Ukraine and the West into a dialogue and negotiations, the EU will continue to stand together and support Ukraine which is why the Kyiv EU-Ukraine Summit scheduled for February is a symbolic statement”- said Dr. Bonikowska, president of the CIR, on Super Express [03.01.2023]

3 January 2023
In the media

For Putin’s Russia, now with the international status of a terrorist state, it is likely that it will continue its anti-western campaign and military attacks in Ukraine in order to achieve those victories that were planned but not realized in the last year. However, all forms of Western support for Ukraine are continuously growing, and not dwindling so the Kremlin will be pushed to a certain degree to rethink its ultimate endgame in this whole situation.

But it is important to note that the support for Ukraine is also dependent on the political will of crucial leaders that cannot be taken for granted in democratic societies with pluralist views. This is why this window of opportunity in the West needs to be taken seriously right now, elaborated Dr. Bonikowska.