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“The key issue is understanding what the architecture of security in Europe will look like,” – Dr. Małgorzata Bonikowska on TVP World [10.07.2023]

10 July 2023
In the media

“It is a very important moment to build an understanding for the future because Ukraine had guarantees which were not kept. The Budapest Agreement was signed in 1994 by Russia, the UK, and the US to guarantee the territory and integrity of Ukraine if Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons. However, they were attacked despite this agreement,” Dr Bonikowska said on the Morning World Today programme.

“Therefore, Ukraine desires guarantees, which are crucial to the Ukrainian people. Even though NATO membership may not be currently possible, the key thing is to establish an understanding of what the security architecture of Europe will look like, including Ukraine. In practice, Ukraine is already closely tied to NATO, as NATO countries have been involved in the conflict and have provided military assistance, weapons, and financial contributions to support Ukraine.
Ukraine wants to have a clear understanding of its position and what kind of guarantees it can obtain in the future,” she added.