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Quieter on air!

8 April 2022
We recommend

Due to the information chaos in the era of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Centre for International Relations (CIR) has launched a series of essays and podcasts on disinformation which is to be a continuation of our Start2Think project – this time literally from the front lines of the information war that is currently taking place in Europe and in the world.

We recommend the first text by Agnieszka Ostrowska, Program Director of the CSM – CIR, inspired by current cases of propaganda and counter-propaganda during the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Agnieszka writes:

“During Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting global turmoil, we are trying to decide what is disinformation and what is fact, but we miss the point –  in issues related to state security, it is better not to inform about certain matters and not to discuss them publicly in front of the world – especially if we are not sure what the truth is. While we have war, we still operate with peace-time patterns.”

The full text in Polish:

Ciszej w eterze! – Media Literacy (