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President of Ukraine, Zelenskyy wants a decent peace, meaning – to finish the war but not on the Russian conditions – said Dr Małgorzata Bonikowska – President of the Centre for International Relations during a debate with Anwar Goswami on Republic TV – India [07.04.2022]

4 April 2022
In the media

It should be on the conditions taking into account that Ukraine is able to fight Russia, able to stop Russia to take Kiev, and in the same way Ukraine is able to keep the integrity of its territory – which is the major rule of the international law – said Dr Małgorzata Bonikowska.

Zelensky is a very smart, very civilized person and for him meeting with Putin is important for two reasons. First, decisions will be taken by Putin, so Zelenskyy wants to confront him directly, without any cronies around. Second, symbolic thing is that Putin denies Ukraine to exist, and Zelenskyy to be a President. Putin also denied this government to represent Ukraine. This is very important for Zelensky as now he is well known all over the world and all the leaders listen to him, so it is high time for Putin to listen to him as well because Ukraine is an independent state and in Ukraine, it is not only Zelenskyy who is fighting – it is the whole nation who is fighting, people are fighting. People do not want to be in the “Russkiy mir” – “Russian World”. It has to be considered not only by the President of Russia but also by Russians who – majority of them – do not agree with this fight, they just do not agree to let Ukraine go. Ukrainians would not agree to lose territory after a month of fight; they proved that they are able to fight Russia – and even the Europeans did not think that they could fight such a powerful neighbor. There is a way to deal with such a regime like Russia: you fight, be courageous – and that’s exactly what Zelensky is doing.

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