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“Polish-Ukrainian relations may become complicated after the war, so there is no need to wait to formalize bilateral cooperation” — Dr Małgorzata Bonikowska, CIR president, on the “Podróż bez Paszportu” channel [06.04.2023]

6 April 2023
In the media

In a commentary for the “Podróż bez Paszportu” channel, Dr Bonikowska emphasized that President Zelensky’s visit to Poland initiated a conversation about the future of Ukraine and Polish-Ukrainian relations. The reconstruction of Ukraine after the end of the conflict will be extremely important not only for Ukraine or Poland, but also for the entire Europe. The consolidation of good relations between Poland and Ukraine will depend to a large extent on the maturity of the elites and resistance to Russian propaganda. Dr Bonikowska also stated that Poland has a chance to play a key role as an intermediary between Ukraine and the European Union in the accession negotiations. However, for this cooperation to be effective, a treaty on cooperation between Poland and Ukraine is needed, about which nothing concrete has been said so far, according to the CIR president.