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People2People (E-lexicon of Polish Jews)

20 February 2021
Completed projects

An internet publication with the stories of Poles of Jewish origin and of Jews with Polish roots. It presents people involved, those who care. They are aware of their identity, trying to change the world and other people’s lives. They often do so on a microscale, acting locally in their community, but at the same time, their actions have a larger impact

The people presented in that publication express themselves through art, business, music, medicine, education and literature. Each in their own individual way. There are no restrictions. We meet dozens of people, mainly from Poland and Israel, listening to a new story each time. Sometimes it is intriguing and sometimes surprising. Each story is different, unique. You can find a jazz musician whose avant-garde work is full of spirituality drawn from Jewish tradition, a chef who revives pre-war Jewish vegan cuisine, a fashion house founder using Jewish motifs, and a group of young high-tech entrepreneurs who engage the Jewish principle of ‘Tikkun Olam’ in their business ventures.

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