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“It would be good to agree on a common migration policy, because then we would know what we can count on, and in what form, from our partners in the European Union. As long as there are no procedures, we will face issues” – said Dr. Małgorzata Bonikowska, president of the CIR, on Polish Radio 24 [10.11.2022]

10 November 2022
In the media

Bonikowska talks about the necessity of a common migration policy in the EU. Since 2015, she says, there has been an influx of migrants to southern member states. Now however, Europe and especially Poland face a bigger scale of immigration due to the Russian war in Ukraine. As political cooperation is missing on the EU level, there are no common procedures or a framework countries could implement to manage migration coherently. Consequently, issues regarding the handling of migrants for the repsective countries dealing with them will persist – also for Poland in the current situation with millions of Ukrainian refugees.

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