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“Extreme right-wing circles are a threat to the public order. There is no question of a coup, however, these people are able to create a sense of threat in society, which would already pose a problem to the polity” – commented Janusz Reiter on the action of the German intelligence, expert at the CIR, in an interview with [08.12.2022]

8 December 2022
In the media

A group of people who have no real entrenchment in German society has been caught. They mean nothing politically. The very person of their leader, this prince whom no one had heard of until recently, shows that this is a complete marginality – said Janusz Reiter, Chairman of the Council of the Center for International Relations Foundation.

This group itself is frivolous, but the social phenomenon the group embodies deserves to be taken seriously. Extreme right-wing circles are a threat to public order. In the political sense, the most important thing is to what extent they manage to penetrate the mainstream of society. The political force that can help them in this is the AfD, a party that sits in the Bundestag and state parliaments, Reiter said.

The political party Alternative for Germany (AfD) will distance itself from them because it would be a troublesome ally for it, but it is this party that can help the extreme right to break out of isolation. The conspiracy that has just been discovered rather hinders such a movement as it shows the extreme right as a criminal phenomenon, said the former Polish ambassador to Germany.

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