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“We really need to deliver the weapons quickly. It’s the only chance for the Ukrainian Army to prevail,” stated Dr. Małgorzata Bonikowska, President of CIR, during an interview on TVP World [13.05.2023]

13 May 2023
In the media

The likelihood of pushing back Russian forces is high, but the Ukrainian army requires weapons. The issue for the U.S. and Europe is that their factories produce weapons and ammunition as they would during peacetime, while the Russian military industry operates as if it were wartime, as stated by Dr. M. Bonikowska in an interview with TVP World. Repelling the Russian aggressor is a crucial concern for Europe, as it seeks to avoid an enduring war. The Ukrainian army is focused on the frontlines, while President Zelensky concentrates on politics, alliances, and laying the groundwork for future talks and negotiations.

When asked about Zelensky’s discussions with Pope Francis, Bonikowska acknowledges that while the Vatican does not provide specific details, its diplomacy is highly effective. Zelensky is seeking allies in any country that can pressure Russia into negotiating. The Ukrainian president aims to convince China that it is more advantageous to end the war rather than perpetuate it. Commentators are skeptical of China’s role as a mediator, fearing that it may exploit the situation to its own advantage.