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TRANSFAM international research project

30 June 2016
Completed projects

The TRANSFAM project, financed from the so-called Norwegian funds, focused on the issue of transnational migration and settlement of Polish families in Norway. It was implemented by CIR as part of the Polish-Norwegian consortium (CIR, Jagiellonian University, Agder Research, Nova) and lasted from July 1, 2013 till June 30, 2016. CIR is a leader of two tasks in the project: WP1 (task completed) which consisted of report preparation, devoted to the state of research on issues related to the post-accession emigration of Poles -with particular emphasis on Norway as the direction of Polish emigration. The second task of CIR – WP6, started in February 2015, and concerned the analysis of strategy towards the Poles settling in Norway.

We recommend the first partial report prepared by CIR as part of the TRANSFAM project. The report entitled “Poland – Past and current migration outflows with the special emphasis on Norway” is the result of work under the WP1 task of the first project, and was prepared by  prof. dr hab. Krystyna Iglicka and dr Katarzyna Gmaj.