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“To be perfectly frank, the Western societies, France included, are tired of the war and would like to have this war over and look for solutions to end this conflict. It does not mean that Europeans do not support Ukrainians anymore” – Małgorzata Bonikowska in the World News (TVP World) [19.12.2022]

19 December 2022
In the media

The Eurobarometer shows very stable support for the Ukrainian case as well as the military domain within the EU. At the same time, however, Europeans do not want a wavering conflict or aim at overpowering Russia by any means, but prefer to end this crisis with a peaceful method of talks instead, said dr. Bonikowska, president of the CIR.

Discussing German, French and Russian relations, Dr. Bonikowska says that the biggest recent achievement in Germany was coming to terms with the fact that the “Ostpolitik” was a mistake, and a mental change towards Russia has begun. What concerns France, Dr. Bonikowska says it was not a mistake per se of Macron to suggest negotiations with Russia.

After all, talking to Putin does not mean that any EU politician wants to treat Russia as a partner. Much more, so concludes Dr. Bonikowska, it is part of the European culture to believe that war is the worst solution available and resources need to be mobilized to end this war in a less violent way, especially for the protection of Ukrainian civilians. That Russia has had its reasons for the war is something worth considering for dealing with it adequately.

This can be partially achieved through dialogue much in line with the European spirit. However, this is not always understood in member states on the eastern front and therefore causing dissensions.