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“The more countries are involved in the war in Ukraine, the greater the uncertainty of how it may end” – Dr. Małgorzata Bonikowska on the latest events in Iran, Israel, Turkey and the Czech Republic on the Nowa Konfederacja channel [09.02.2023]

9 February 2023
In the media

It is known that Russia is trying to increase the number of international allies who will indirectly help the Russian government in the war with Ukraine. One of them is definitely Iran because drones of Iranian production are present in the airspace of Ukraine. We also know about the involvement of North Korea, which, however, does not confirm this. Potential Russian help in completing Iran’s nuclear program pushes Israel to the side of the West. Were it not for the intensified Russian-Israeli relations, Israel would probably prefer to act as an impartial mediator.

When asked for a comment on the recent presidential election in the Czech Republic, Dr Bonikowska said that Petr Pavel’s victory was of great importance for calming the situation in the region. Andrej Babiš was accused by some to be an agent of China, and Pavel is an openly pro-Atlantic and militarily-experienced new president of Poland’s neighbour.

At the same time, it is worth noting that Biden’s “America is back” slogan is slowly becoming reality. The US has again taken the lead in coordinating Western international policy, which helps to unify opinions within the European Union, which would be otherwise a much chaotic polyphony, added Dr Bonikowska.