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“The Hungarian government is well aware that as a member of the EU, Hungary has had the full right to participate in all EU decisions so far, which is why it is now taking advantage of this and is blocking” – said Dr. Małgorzata Bonikowska, president of the CIR, on Radio Polska 24 [10.12.2022]

10 December 2022
In the media

It so happens that in foreign policy, when we decide, for example, on sanctions against Russia, unanimity is necessary. Thus, even a small Hungary, or even a smaller Malta, can block the work of the other members, Dr. Bonikowska commented on Hungary’s actions.

Hungary now takes advantage of this and keeps blocking decisions. They claim that there is no blackmail, but it really is, because Hungary is not interested in helping Ukraine, it is primarily about unblocking their National Reconstruction Plan against Hungary, she added.

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