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“Putin’s way of thinking directly results in the escalation of war,” – Eugeniusz Smolar stated on TVN24 [18.02.2023]

18 February 2023
In the media

In a commentary given to TVN24 following the Munich Security Conference, Eugeniusz Smolar asserted that Vladimir Putin remains driven by imperial thinking, which rejects the notion of an independent Ukraine.

The Russian president primarily relies on the West’s exhaustion, while Joe Biden’s visit to Poland intends to demonstrate the contrary. However, the US president does not discuss the defeat of Russia or the removal of Putin, but emphasizes substantial support for Ukraine.

Even if Putin were to no longer govern Russia, there is no assurance that his successor would not be guided by an equally imperial ideology. Hence, the future security framework must be founded on strength and foster the belief that the West is willing to go to any extent to defend its own interests.

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