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Prof. Salvatore Babones, CIR senior fellow and scientific advisor for Forbes – 10/26/2017

26 October 2017

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Australia is a land of sunshine, blue skies, sandy beaches and seemingly endless economic growth. No wonder so many people want to move there. With more than 28% of its population having been born overseas, Australia is the clear immigration leader among major developed countries. Only tiny Luxembourg and Switzerland score higher. But a new survey released this week reports that more than half of all Australians want lower levels of migration, with nearly three-quarters agreeing that the country is “already full.” The survey, conducted by the independent Australian Population Research Institute think tank, suggests that many Australians are concerned about the pressures immigration places on housing, hospitals and transportation infrastructure – writes prof. Salvatore Babones, CIR senior fellow and scientific advisor in an article published in Forbes.

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