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Rafał Bauer

Rafał Bauer

Board Member

Specialisation: international economic relations

Rafał Bauer is a graduate of the University of Warsaw, the Faculty of Economic Science (majored in Econometrics). He has over 18 years of experience in company restructuring and M&A transactions. He is a chairman of the board of: Próchnik SA and Next Media sp. z o.o. (Ltd.) and a Board Member of Soho Factory Board sp. z o. o. He also sits on the Managing Boards of: Scanmed Multimedis S.A., Cracovia Property sp. z o.o., Browar Gontyniec S.A. and Scan Development sp. z o.o., Kolejowa Invest sp. z o.o. SKA. In the years 2009-2012, he was a chairman of the board of Black Lion – National Investment Fund S.A. and Scanmed S.A. Beforehand, he was a chairman of the Vistula & Wólczanka S.A. Board (2006-2008), Wólczanka S.A. (2004-2006), Hollywood Video S.A. (2003-2004), Partnership Windows and Doors S.A. (1999-2003) and Huta Szkła Ujście S.A. (1998-1999).

Between the years of 1995 and 1999, he was an Investment Manager in International Westfund Holdings Limited, and between the years of 1993-1995, an advisor of the Common Credit Bank’s chairman. He participated in the board meetings of: Próchnik Spółka Akcyjna, Wólczanka Production 1 sp. z o.o. (Ltd.), Wólczanka Production 2 sp. z o.o. (Ltd.), Wólczanka Production 3 sp. z o.o., VM Investment S.A.