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Krzysztof Płomiński


Krzysztof Płomiński


AMBASSADOR TO IRAQ (1990-1996) & SAUDI ARABIA (2000-2004)

Political scientist and diplomat. Graduate from the Faculty of Law, University of Lodz, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Hague Academy of International Law. Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Iraq, where he negotiated for Poland to take over representation of US interests, and to Saudi Arabia, where he was the first ambassador of the Republic of Poland. Previously an employee of diplomatic missions with an economic profile in Libya and Jordan. Former director and twice deputy director of the Africa and Middle East Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Currently diplomatic advisor to the National Chamber of Commerce and member of the Council of Ambassadors of the European Academy of Diplomacy. Author of specialist publications and the book Arabia Incognita. Polish Ambassador’s Report. Commentator on Middle Eastern issues. Awarded with the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Rebirth of Poland and Saudi and American decorations.