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Giovanni Cascone, Ph.D.

Giovanni Cascone, Ph.D.


Giovanni Cascone has an excellent understanding of international development cooperation, which derives from more than 30 years of professional commitment towards implementation of social protection reforms world-wide. He is familiar with the Middle East and Southern Mediterranean region having worked there for several years in the field of social development.

Among others, he was a team leader, for health and social protection, of the task force for the EU MEDA Programme (1998/2001), advisor for health and social development programmes at the EU Embassy in Cairo (2002/03), Team leader and advisor for the EU Action Plan against the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Benghazi, Libya (2005/07), advisor at Ministry of health of Morocco on behalf of the EU.

He has an excellent track record of bridging the development of policies/strategies for the modernization of social protection systems and a strong experience as policy dialogue advisor and participation to high level negotiations. He has also got a consolidated network of reliable professionals in the Mediterranean region who can facilitate the access to sources of information.

He collaborates regularly with CIRPS (Inter-University Centre for Research on developing Countries) of University of Rome « La Sapienza » where he teaches “Evaluation techniques” in a Master Course on International Development Cooperation and advises on social protection and human rights in the Mediterranean region.

He is also member of the Belgian chapter of the International Coaching Federation.