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21 January 2022
Completed projects

KonwersAzja is a podcast series produced in collaboration between the Asia Department of the New Confederation and the Center for International Relations

In one of the podcasts, guests on the programme commented on decisions that have been made at the highest global level from an Asian perspective. It is this continent, the largest on Earth, that produces more than half of the greenhouse gases. The COP26 conference is also a starting point for a broader discussion on climate change.


Dr Tomasz Gerlach and Paweł Behrendt talked about security in South Asia from a cultural perspective. The discussion was moderated by Sandra Krawczyszyn.

How did Europe view Asian states in the colonial era? How much of this perspective remains today? How does Asia define itself today?

This was discussed by Dr Tomasz Gerlach and Dr Michał Lubina. The discussion was moderated by Bartłomiej Małczyński.