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“Japan and Central Europe: Geopolitics, Security, and Economy.” Institute of Central Europe/IEŚ Policy Papers 8/2023

6 October 2023
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Institute of Central Europe Policy Papers 8/2023

Japan and Central Europe: Geopolitics, Security, and Economy

Editors: Tomasz Stępniewski, Adrianna Śniadowska

ISBN: 978-83-67678-17-9

Number of pages: 59

Format: 135×200

Publishing: Lublin 2023


Europe is increasingly coming into focus for Japan in the realms of geopolitics, security, and economics, with Tokyo’s particular interest in Central Europe having significant implications for both regional and global affairs. In its pursuit to diversify strategic partnerships and bolster its international presence, Japan recognizes Central Europe as a key area of engagement. This geopolitical commitment by Japan reflects its awareness of the evolving dynamics of power within the region and the necessity to establish new alliances that extend beyond its traditional partners.

Keywords: security, geopolitics, economy
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