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“Croatia is a small economy, so it is simply a strategic choice. But it is also based on tourism, so Croatians exchange kuna for euro anyway. They should be appreciated for the fact that, despite the changes in cabinets, Croatia was able to meet all the conditions” – Dr. Bartłomiej Nowak on Croatia’s accession to the eurozone [10.01.2023]

10 January 2023
In the media

Any economic forecasts are too risky at the moment. But let me give you an interesting example. In the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, which joined the euro in a very turbulent economic period, the very impact of anticipation of accession, i.e. before their accession, was positive.

Both in terms of their position on financial markets and economic growth. The euro is simply a solid anchor, better than small national currencies. As long as one prepares well for it. And Croatia has just learned this lesson – said the CIR expert on the Crowd Media portal.