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CIR Comment: “India – China Relations and Emerging Geopolitical Dimension”

2 August 2020

The positive atmospherics built by both India and China in the form of informal summit in 2018 at Wuhan after Doklam stand-off was perceived to be a new beginning in building mutual understanding on each other’s perspective on contentious issues. India reciprocated and welcomed President Xi Jinping at the second round of informal summit organised at Mamallapuram in India in 2019. Both the leaders Prime Minister Modi and President Jinping were showing a degree of seriousness and there was an expectation that India and China will be working together for a better Asia and the world. But, unfortunately, China’s aggressive behaviour got reflected when wanted to change the status quo in Eastern Ladakh – writes dr Arvind Kumar in publication EU–India Security and Defence Cooperation in the Twenty First Century:  Challenges and Prospects.